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Sports Law

Contract Negotiations:
Terry is a Negotiations & Contracts attorney and a businessman.  In his law practice, he manages more than 50 million dollars per month in transactions.  In addition, Terry is an astute, highly skilled, and professional negotiator completing 60 hours of training at the Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation, representing clients in all types of contract negotiations, from the sale and acquisition of businesses to negotiating contracts for television station’s purchase of air time.   Terry brings this breadth of knowledge to your contract negotiation with the NFL or MLB.

Marketing & Endorsement Representation:
Terry is committed to optimizing your earning potential as a professional athlete.  He will work with you in creating innovative, imaginative and “outside the box” approaches to securing marketing and endorsement deals that enhance your image and your bottom line.

Draft Preparation Assistance:
Every athlete is different in his approach to training and what he responds to best.  Terry will work with you to find the optimal draft preparation program that will maximize your performance at the combine.

Public & Media Relations:
Terry’s experience advising candidates for the United States Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives makes him uniquely qualified to craft the message and image that you desire to the public and the media.

Career Management:
In a perfect world, the professional athlete would just play the game and collect his salary.  Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go as planned.  When that happens, Terry is prepared to represent you in grievance proceedings, hearings and appeals with the league.  Terry will also act as your liaison with your team when necessary.  In addition, Terry is knowledgeable of the NFL’s procedures for collecting benefits when injuries occur as well as the retirement programs.

Preparation for Life Beyond the Playing Field:
Terry is passionate about his role in helping prepare you for your life beyond the playing field.  In fact, he feels that is one of his most important duties as an athlete’s agent.  With proper planning, education, and action before hand, your life after your playing days are over can be even more successful and profitable.  Terry will begin from day one laying the groundwork to achieve all of your goals from the first time you step onto the practice field to your embarking on a new career.

Contract Review:
A contract is a legally binding document and can lead to serious consequences if one is breached or misunderstood.  We can review and advise on all of your contract issues.